Reading the Bible in 90 days Day 11

I wrote Day 9 yesterday which is technically right for me but it should have been Day 10 if I had started the same day. So I’m syncing with the rest of the 900+ reading the Bible in 90 days.

We’re still in Number. I found Number 12:3 interesting.

(Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth)

Now maybe this is true and someone else inserted this into Moses’ writing but if Moses was indeed the author of this verse, he just blew humility out of the water. Sorta like this story on Becoming Minimalist about this man that said he won a medal for humility but lost it when he started to wear it.

The rebellion in Numbers 16 is very sad just for all the people that died as a result. The Lord gave them a night to change their minds about rebelling against Moses and Aaron. I love that grace is apparent even in the terrible things that happened as a result of Israel’s rebellion.

Maybe it’s because Veggie Tales’ story of Joseph is set in a western setting but I can just imagine this scenario like a showdown at OK corral. Moses and Aaron, the older wise men, facing the younger crowd eager for power. The young mob is telling them, “You take too much on yourselves.” (Numbers 16:3) Then Moses comes back with his instructions to determine who the Lord accepts and replies, “You take too much upon yourselves, you sons of Levi.” Might could be listed as one of the Bible’s greatest comebacks. And the earth swallows up or fire consumes all those that rebel.

Dear Lord,
Forgive me for the times that I have grieved you like the children of Israel. When you have showed me over and over how much you love me, still sometimes I fail to trust you. Thank you for not exacting the severe consequences on me that you did on the children of Israel. Though I’m sure I deserve the equal. Thank you, Jesus, for taking my place.

One thought on “Reading the Bible in 90 days Day 11

  1. I had forgotten that verse about Moses. I actually drew inspiration from the life of John the Baptist (John 3:30) for that post. And thanks for the link. Good luck on your challenge.

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